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Our expert electricians specialize in all major electrical repairs, services, and installations.

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What a great company and a great set of electricians. I can't say enough nice things about AMS. I am 100% satisfied with the service I received & I will absolutely use them again in the future. I would highly recommended them to my friends & family.


Very clear standardized pricing, not charged by the hour, but by the service. Installers were respectful of our home and pets, worked hard, did quality work, and went above and beyond my expectations a few times. Thoroughly impressed.


I can't recommend AMS Electrical enough. They have done a lot of work on my home and rental properties. I trust them to do a good and honest job. They always do. They are so friendly and customer focused, you feel like family. They are a pleasure to work with and I trust them for all my electrical needs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Over time the high demand from your kitchen appliances and HVAC systems can wear out the breakers and bus in your electrical panel. This can cause the breakers in your panel to not trip as quickly as they should, which can cause an electrical fire. Age is the number one reason why your panel should be changed. The average life of an electrical panel is 25 years.

  • Electricity always wants to return to its source. A fault in your electrical system can cause electricity to take an alternate path. If your outlets don’t have a ground connection, electricity could potentially flow through you or your electronics causing serious harm. Additionally, grounding helps reduce voltage spikes, thus increasing the life of your electronics.

  • A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) helps prevent electrocution. GFCIs work by detecting the power being used and power being provided, if the two are not equal, the GFCI assumes power is going somewhere it shouldn’t and shuts off the power. Hiring a qualified electrician to properly install these relatively inexpensive components can protect you and your loved ones and keep you safe.

  • Surge protection monitors the voltage coming into your house, and if it is above a safe threshold it takes the excess voltage and safely distributes it to ground. Hiring a qualified electrician can ensure your house is properly grounded and that the surge protection will work as it should.

  • Making sure your electrical panel is working optimally and having GFCIs in the required locations are the two biggest steps you can take to prevent electrical shock. Call us today to schedule a safety inspection, where our expert electricians can verify the integrity of your electrical system.

  • It is definitely possible to install an EV charger in your home, however, we want to make sure your panel can handle the high load this puts on your electrical system. There are many different options for providing power to your EV charger. Schedule an appointment with us today and we can help you decide which is the best for your home.

  • There are a few different reasons your lights could flicker. Loose wire connections, an overloaded electrical panel, an unbalanced electrical load, and a lack of proper ground, are all possibilities. Whatever the reason, flickering lights are always a cause for concern. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we can help ensure you feel safe at home.

  • Smoke detectors utilize a special isotope which allow them to detect smoke. The half life this isotope is roughly ten years, so if your smoke detectors are expired, simply changing the batteries will not help. The units themselves need to be changed in order to keep you safe.

  • In addition to 40+ years of experience in electrical service, we have special equipment that can help us determine the safety of the wires behind your walls. Schedule a safety inspection today!