Home Surge Protection

A Guide to Home Surge Protection and Safety

Wondering about how to protect your home and electronics from power surges?

Many people come to us asking about guidance for electrical power surges and whole home surge protectors. We thought we would compile a handy resource for our clients who need some advice on how to keep themselves and their electronics safe.

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What can I do to protect my electrical devices from power surges?

For devices which are plugged into the wall, the simplest way to protect your devices from power surges is to unplug them. You can also purchase surge protector power strips, which protect any devices plugged in to them. However, these methods will not protect hard-wired electrical devices from power surges, such as HVAC units, ceiling fans, smoke alarms, and even many appliances.

What is a whole house surge protector, and how does it work?

A whole house surge protector is a surge protector which is installed on your home’s electrical panel by an experienced electrician. This surge protector senses and diverts the excess current/voltage through a ground wire.

Do I need a whole house surge protector, or can I just use surge protector power strips?

Surge protector power strips can only protect the devices which are plugged in to them. To plug all devices into a surge protector power strip would require several surge protector power strips. Beyond that, even if you plug all of your pluggable electronic devices into surge protector power strips, your home’s hard-wired electrical devices will still not be protected. The only way to ensure these devices are protected is with a whole house surge protector.

Get Peace of Mind at Home

Whether you need your home’s wiring inspected, or need guidance on protecting your home from power surges, our experienced electricians here to help — request service with AMS today!

Is a whole house surge protector more expensive than surge protector power strips?

Whole house surge protectors are more expensive than surge protector power strips. A whole house surge protector requires installation by an electrician, whereas anyone can plug in a surge protector power strip, which adds to the cost of a whole house surge protector. Despite this, the damage that a power surge can cause to your electronic devices can incur costs far greater than that of a whole house surge protector. Scheduling service with an experienced AMS electrician can save you time, money, and worry, and keep you and your electrical devices safe from electrical surges.