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Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been rapidly gaining in popularity over the past few years. With advances in technology, owning an electric vehicle has become more practical and more affordable. With that in mind, we thought we would compile this handy resource on home EV chargers.

Home EV charger installation in Farmington Hills

Will installing a home EV charger require me to upgrade my home’s electrical system?

New EVs are typically sold with Level 1 charging stations, which can be plugged into the standard 110V outlets in your home, and do not require you to upgrade your electrical system. These charging stations deliver about 5 miles per hour of charging. If you require faster charging with a Level 2 or Level 3 EV charger, you’ll likely need an upgrade to your home’s electrical system if the electrical service is 100 amps or less.

What is the difference between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 EV chargers?

Level 1 EV charging stations can be plugged in to standard 110V outlets, and provide about 5 miles of range per hour of charge. Level 2 EV charging stations require being plugged into a 240V outlet on a dedicated circuit, and provide about 25 miles of range per hour of charging. Level 3 chargers are typically only found in commercial settings, and offer a full charge to your battery in as little as 30 minutes.

Do I need a level 1 or level 2 EV charger?

A level 1 EV charger is sufficient if you drive a plug-in hybrid, or if you have a short commute. Due to the extensive charging time that comes with level 1 EV chargers, level 2 chargers are more practical if you have a longer commute, a larger vehicle, or if you simply want the ability to charge your EV more quickly. A level 2 charger can fully charge most EV batteries overnight, whereas a level 1 charger may take multiple days to fully charge a battery.

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How many amps does an EV charger draw?

A level 1 EV charger draws 20 amps, while a level 2 EV charger draws 40 amps. An electric vehicle charger with a higher amperage will charge vehicles at a higher rate, and therefore a level 2 charger is faster.

How much does it cost to install a home EV charger?

If you only want to use a level 1 EV charger, then it will not cost you anything to install the EV charger beyond buying the charger itself. For a level 2 EV charger, you may need to have your home’s electrical circuit upgraded. Level 2 chargers require a dedicated 240V circuit, and if you do not already have such a circuit at your home, you’ll need to hire a professional electrician to install one.