Backup Electrical Generators

Michigan ranks #4 nationally for power outages

Considering installing a backup generator for your home?

With all the rain and unpredictable weather we have been having in Michigan this year, many people have been asking about backup electrical generators. We thought we would compile a handy resource for our clients considering whether a backup generator is a good move for them.

Home backup generator installation in Farmington Hills

What is a home backup generator?

Backup generators, also called standby generators, are a backup source of power when the city utilities are unavailable. Unlike portable generators, home generators are installed permanently within your home’s electrical system. They are usually installed on a cement pad in your backyard or beside your home. Generators have an external (non-electric) fuel source, usually natural gas (if your municipality allows it), diesel or propane (which are stored in tanks somewhere on your property).

Who are backup generators for?

Home generators give essential backup energy during a power outage or crisis. That could be for those that depend on it for income (especially small or home businesses) and for many people who may need continuous power to home medical equipment. Home generators could also be life-saving for families with small children or elderly members that need temperature control in the severely hot or cold months of the year.

Backup generator installation

Home generators are not a DIY project. They are not as simply plugged in like a portable generator — they are wired directly into a home’s power source. Be sure to hire AMS or another professional electrician to do this. We’re sure that you faithfully bring your car in for regular maintenance, and your home generator (also a big engine) needs regular maintenance too — especially after they have been in use for over 24-48 hours. Thankfully, any generators that AMS installs, we can maintain.

Can a backup generator add value to my home?

Besides adding significant value to your home, a home generator gives you peace of mind and emergency preparedness. If you decide a home generator is a good choice, your family (and your freezer) will thank you for your foresight. Please call us for a custom estimate.

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How do backup generators work?

Backup generators are not just a motor to keep the air on, they are also an important safety mechanism. They have a safety switch, called a “transfer switch”, which detects an interruption of regular service. Once an interrupt is detected, they safely disconnect the home’s power source from the city’s lines and connect it to the gas-powered motor to provide power to a few circuits at a time; or they can be set up to comfortably power the entire home. When the power comes back on, the transfer switch disconnects the home’s power from the generator and reconnects to the city’s utility.

Importantly, this disconnection prevents feed-back electricity going back to the city lines and potentially injuring or killing workers trying to get the city utilities back and running.